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Reducing Carbon Pawprints

As humans, being an environmentally ethical consumer can be an overwhelming task. From electricity usage to the smallest details such as the right laundry detergent - every little action has a real life consequence. As pet owners, we are always wanting what is best for our little friends, that is why it can be so easy to forget about how your pet's consumption impacts the planet. Whilst we know the task of ethical shopping can be an overwhelming task, it is the small things that can make the most tumultuous change. With this in mind, we've listed a few of the small steps you can take into consideration next time you do your pet supply shop!


According to a ScienceDaily study in the US, pets are responsible for 25% of the total calories derived from animals. Whilst some pet owners are choosing the path of plant-based diet for their furry friends, this neglect of meat from a cat's diet can be extremely detrimental to their health! Whether you stick to kibble, canned food or even cook it up in the kitchen, the two big things to think about here are brands and packaging. When it comes to brands, do your research and search for sustainable brands. As for packaging, bulk buying pet food can save a lot of excess plastic and waste in the long run.


Playtime should not have to be a drag, but there are many ways that you can avoid using easily breakable or cheap harmful materials. Whether you decide to use second hand, search for economically friendly brands, or even go DIY - sustainability has room for work and play!


When it comes to bedding, it's each cat to their own. As some cat owners may know, despite having made up a gorgeously fluffed pile of cushions and pillows made specifically for kitty, sometimes they'll claim the arm of your sofa as their little nook. Similar to toys, paying attention to the brand of bed and using second hand materials can be a great way to ensure minimal wastage.


Similar to humans, bathroom product can be quite easy to neglect when pursuing environmental sustainability. Even though their washes are not as frequent as ours, making a switch to paraben free or green-friendly shampoos is a great way to keep both kitty and the planet clean and pristine!


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