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Help Us Save Lives: Donate Today and Claim Your Tax Deduction

At FFARQ we rely on the kindness of our donors and volunteers to help save the lives of our furry friends that have been displaced or mistreated. We receive no government funding and are struggling with the vet costs for these cats that we are trying to rescue. Sadly we are also getting very sick kittens in droves from a regional pound. However, by making a donation, you are providing them with food, shelter, veterinary treatment, and the love that they deserve. Every dollar counts to help save these lives and you can claim a tax deduction on your donation. Give now and choose the donation option that suits you best. We accept secure online donations and bank transfers. After making a donation, you will receive an acknowledgement of your contribution and tax receipt. With heartfelt gratitude, The Team At FFARQ

Here’s a look back at some of the animals we’ve been able to help here at FFARQ with your ongoing support:


In November 2022, three kittens were going to be saved by FFARQ from the Rockhampton pound. However, before we had a chance to transport them to Brisbane, 2 of the kittens had sadly passed away from sickness. The last of the kittens; Ajax, was a sick little kitten from the day of arrival. He had severe diarrhea, was lethargic and was not eating or drinking. The vet suggested that he might have a blockage of the intestine and he went to the specialist vet to have a scan. This proved negative but he was still very unwell. A local vet admitted Ajax into hospital where he stayed for 2 days on a drip, given different medications and special “urgent care” food.


​Thanks to the donors and volunteers, no expense was spared on Ajax. He eventually he made a full recovery and now is a very beautiful, active, mischievous kitty.


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