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Adoption Process

Furry Friends prioritises the long-term welfare of all our adopted cats, so we take the time to make sure that they will be happy and well-suited to their new forever home. 

How to adopt a cat or kitten:

To arrange a meeting with a cat you are interested in, simply send an inquiry through the cat’s profile page.

  1. Fill out the EOI / Adoption form. This form doesn't commit you to adopt unless you find the right fit. 

  2. A volunteer will contact you to schedule a meeting with your chosen pet. 

  3. If both you and our volunteer agree, the adoption can proceed. Payment of the adoption fee is required within seven (7) days before taking your new furry family member home.

  4. Your pet’s vet certificates will be emailed to you two weeks later, unless you're picking them up directly from the vet. Download our Post-Adoption information guide for more details.

  5. If the adoption doesn't work out and our support hasn't resolved issues within two weeks, return the cat to the Furry Friends foster carer and receive a refunded adoption fee.

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