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Volunteering at Furry Friends Animal Rescue QLD

Several hundred thousand unwanted animals are surrendered to animal shelters every year, and about 250,000 otherwise healthy and re-homeable cats are euthanised. Many more are abandoned, and either die on the streets from sickness, starvation or accidents, or adapt to a feral lifestyle and have a devastating effect on our native animal population.
We here at FFARQ are determined to change this situation. We are a virtual not-for-profit organisation located in and around the Brisbane region.

​Our mission is to give death row or surrendered companion animals a second chance through fostering, rehabilitation (if needed) and adoption. We also advocate the desexing and microchipping of all companion animals.
While donations help keep our organisation running, the support we receive from our team of dedicated volunteers is just as important. Without their passion and commitment to achieve our goal of helping animals, we would not be where we are today. 

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