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Women enjoying the company of her cat

Indoor Cats

Keep them Safe Indoors

All Furry Friends cats and kittens are indoor only, they have never been outside and must remain indoors, although a secure outdoor cat enclosure is also a great way to give them the experience of being outdoors while keeping them safe. 

When you adopt a cat or kitten from Furry Friends you have to confirm on the application form that you agree with this and will keep them safe. We also have more information about keeping your indoor cat entertained in our blog.

Allowing cats to roam outdoors unsupervised poses risks such as injuries from vehicles, attacks by dogs or wildlife, and fights with other cats, which can lead to infections or diseases like FIV. While Furry Friends vaccinates cats before adoption, owners must maintain vaccinations.


Outdoor cats also face dangers like poisoning, snake bites, and getting lost or stolen, resulting in expensive vet bills.

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