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Help with Supplies

Can you help by buying supplies to care for the kitties?

All our cats and kittens in care need litter, food, and flea and worm treatments, can you help supply our foster carers with some of these products?


The price of a cup of coffee, $5 will help keep two little bellies full tonight.

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A comfortable blanket to nap on or play in, help us feel secure, like we are still with mumma. $10.00

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Being flea free feels awesome...just like the human who helped! $25.00

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We need special litter as we are only small and like to eat things, help keep our tummies safe. $75.00

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We have to be microchips to keep us safe and if we need to get home to our family. $100.00

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No pussyfooting around here - one small operation helps deal with too many of us. $200.00

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Where does the money go?

Furry Friends Animal Rescue QLD Inc. is a not-for-profit registered charity who rely heavily on the generous hearts of our community.

We make sure every dollar counts. We use the donations to complete necessary vetwork, feeding the cats and kittens and flea and worm treatments for all animals in care – to ensure they are health and ready to find their forever homes!

Donate your time

Donating your precious time and skills is always wanted, or if you can donate your home to foster and care for a kitten in needs, please let us know.

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