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Do I Need a Cat Tree? Yes. Yes You Do

Every cat owner knows that it’s a natural instinct for cats to climb. Not only does it give them the opportunity to survey their surroundings, but it also gives them some much wanted space. It’s very common to find your cat resting up high on furniture anywhere in your house.


While we understand that a climbing cat is a happy cat, it’s not always ideal to have Whiskers on the coffee table or find tufts of fur on your bookshelves. But what can I do?It’s simple. You need a cat tree.

A Piece of Nature Indoors

While there are hundreds of designs for them, at its core, a cat tree is meant to mimic a cat’s surroundings if they lived in the wild. Out there, cats climb trees to protect themselves from predators or hunt prey. Using platforms as ‘branches’, all cat trees contain a few flat surfaces for your cat to climb or lounge on. This height will allow your cat to feel safe and secure in their environment.

They Make Great Scratching Posts

Ever looked at a cat tree and noticed small columns of rope?They’re not there just for decoration. Cat trees offer your pet ‘a built-in scratching surface’ curtesy of the ‘sturdy vertical surfaces’ that they come with. Not only do these posts allow your cat to maintain their claws and satisfy their instincts to scratch, but they also give them the opportunity to mark their territory with ‘a visual mark and a scent’. ​

They’re Pawsome for a Little Me Time

As affectionate as cats are, they do appreciate their privacy. Small spaces are popular amongst felines for the security they give him. According to New York Times bestselling author and cat blogger, Kate Benjamin, ‘cat trees that have boxes, hammocks or platforms with raised sides’ are perfect for cats who want to be left alone. Not only that, but if the structure has toys built into it, then your cat can be safely left to enjoy their company.

Just like you have space in your house to call your own, your cat needs one as well. While there are a number of ways to acquire one, some cheap (DIY) and some more pricey, cat trees are essential to the wellbeing of your furry feline. Need some help choosing? Click here for a guide. Are you ready to see your cat climb to new heights?

P.S. Here’s a little something to make you smile.


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