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Beginner's Guide to Surrendering a Cat

Certain circumstances can lead to the heartbreaking result of surrendering a beloved companion. It is never an easy decision for any pet owner to make. This quick guide will highlight some of the responsible actions you can take before making the final call.

Consider the alternatives

RSPCA provides helpful strategies that you could potentially incorporate based on your current situation. In a bit of a time crunch? Why not hire a pet-sitter, or ask a close friend to watch your pet for the afternoon? Currently renting? Consider a pet CV for your landlord.

Network with friends and family

Your cat may already be familiar with those in your immediate circle. If you have truly exhausted all your options, have a chat to a close friend or relative to see if they would be willing to rehome or even foster your pet. This will ease the adjustment period all pets face when they enter unfamiliar territory.

Utilise the power of social media

Get the word out by reaching out to friends on Facebook. Provide photographs and include accurate details, including breed, desexing and vaccination status, appealing qualities, and reasons for rehoming. Facebook group pages are also a great way to reach a larger audience. When all else fails, turn to traditional media and spread the word through the local newspaper and community noticeboards.

Prepare for rehoming

Get your pet’s health checked, and make sure your cat is desexed, treated for fleas, vaccinated, and well-groomed. Go through a meet and greet with potential candidates and complete a home and reference check. This will give you peace of mind and ensure your little feline friend is brought up in a good environment. Don’t forget to also update the necessary paperwork (council registration, change of ownership forms, microchip details etc.)!

Reach out to Reputable Rescue Groups

Many organisations in Australia are more than willing to help find a new home for your pet. Do your research to find the right rescue group for you within your area. Once you get into contact with your chosen organisation, provide as much detail as possible to ensure your companion gets the best chance of adoption.

Surrendering a pet can come with a rollercoaster of emotions, yet it is important to acknowledge that there is always support available to ease the process. At FFARQ, we are dedicated to finding forever homes for surrendered, stray and abandoned cats. If you are interested in surrendering a cat to FFARQ, you can contact us through the FFARQ Facebook pageor submit a form through our website.

Written by Claudine Prior for FFARQ.


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