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My Cat Is a Fussy Eater. What Do I Do?

With so many varieties of cat food available, it’s no wonder that our beloved felines have their likes and dislikes. A cat who is a picky eater is the bane of any pet owner’s existence. Not only can it overly complicate mealtimes, but it can also lead to serious health issues such as ‘hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver)’ and anorexia. So what do I do if my cat is picky with food?There’s a few solutions you can try.

According to Purina, there’s more than just food that can turn a cat into a picky eater. A cat’s environment can also play a role in them not wanting to eat. If your furry friend prefers dry food, but stops eating it, the most likely culprit is the weather. ‘As dry food absorbs moisture (especially in warm weather) … [the food] may have turned stale,’ advises Purina. You’ll need to change it. It’s a similar story for wet food. If it’s too cold, your cat won’t be able to smell it and they won’t eat it. When that happens, microwave that tasty meal to room temperature and your fussy feline will be eating again in no time.

Pawsome tip: you can also try mixing two foods (your cat’s favourite and something else) together. Remember, cats love a balanced diet and there’s nothing wrong with shaking things up a little!

Make Them Comfortable

We told you not too long ago that cats value their privacy. While that’s still true, it may not be the case when it comes to their food. Barbara Saunders of Catster recommends stroking or petting your cat while they’re eating. Dubbed ‘affection eaters’, cats that want a little extra attention during mealtime may be suffering from stress. Be patient, don’t be aggressive, shower them with love and your furry friend will lick their bowl clean.

Monitor Their Eating Habits

Maybe you’re feeding Felix too many treats? Maybe Molly prefers to spend her time outdoors, catching anything that she could eat as a snack? Whatever the case, it’s important to make sure that your cat is not being overfed. At the end of the day, one of the simplest solutions to a cat being picky with food is having too much of it.

All in all, feeding a fussy cat is possible. With the right amount of patience and willingness to try new foods, you’ll have your fussy feline eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.Questions?Our vet nurse, Crystal, knows more.

Friendly reminder: there's a difference between a cat being a fussy eater and a cat who is unwell. If your cat has stopped eating, lost a lot of weight and looks as if all the vibrancy they once had is gone, you must contact your vet immediately.

​Written by Matthew Leong for FFARQ


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