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Success Story - Denny

Denny Is Home........

While we finished off of our senior cat appreciation week on Thursday. There is one cat we are yet to talk about, DENNY. Denny is a gorgeous 5-year-old boy who has been with us for 8 months, but the reason he was not listed with our other long-term residents, is that his foster mum has decided to adopt him. That's right Denny is a foster fail! .

But in all honesty we are so happy for Denny and that he has found a loving and caring forever home .

Denny's Mumma gave him and his sister Luna a bus to play in...... His Mumma told us the story.

Denny got a job as a bus driver. Luna got in the bus. Denny did not want her in his bus so he body slammed it. Luckily he was insured lol.


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