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Recommended Flea and Worm Products

Recommended Products for Foster Carers

It is vital for the health of the cats in your care that a regular worming schedule is maintained. Ask your team leader which products will suit your foster cat. Products preferred at Furry Friends ARQ Inc 

Drontal Puppy Worm Syrup (used for kittens too) or Endogard every two weeks. ​Can be used to treat tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm.

Age: From 2 weeks old. Dose: 1ml per 1kg. Can be used together with Capstar to provide control of fleas and worms on very young kittens from 2 weeks age.

Their mothers can have EITHER monthly Comfortis and an All Wormer, OR Revolution and a tapeworm tablet.

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