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Our Adorable Adults

Pippi 3.jpg

ADOPTED - 30th September 2023

Pippi is affectionate and happy to play.

​She can get a little exuberant and thinks she is a rugby player sometimes.

S and T 1.jpg

ADOPTED - 10th June 2023

Steve and Tilly

Bonded Besties.
What's black and white, has 2 hearts, 7 legs and 15 lives left? Give up?

It's our resident besties, Tilly and Steve.  Tilly & Steve are a beautiful pair of cats that have so much to offer in every way.

M and M 6.jpg

Macca and Max

ADOPTED - 7th May 2023

Bonded Besties.
Macca and Max are true gentlemen even though they are only 4 years old.

​The brothers are very sweet and will come to you for affection, pats and tummy rubs.

​They will reward you with beautiful purrs and lots of leg rubs.


ADOPTED - 30th May 2023


DAISY is a lovely, playful, sweet natured girl.

​She plays with kids and cats like all other cats her age do.


ADOPTED - 16th Feb 2023


Whiskey is a very sweet guy who loves his naps.

​If you have a soft sofa or pillow in a sunny spot near a window you will make him one very happy kitty!

Once he gets to know you, look out, he will demand pats and love.

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